Raja Yoga Center and Dubai Police promote child safety awareness through ‘Enlightened Kids’ program

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The Raja Yoga Center (RYC) in association with the Dubai Police held a special program on ‘Child Safety Awareness’. It was attended by more than 70 children aged 6 to 11 years along with their parents. The program highlighted the importance of child safety, as well as tolerance among their peers. The program, held at the RYC premises, is part of a social community initiative for residents in Dubai under the ‘Enlightened Kids’ program, a free monthly event aimed at helping children of various nationalities discover and develop positive values through fun and interactive learning activities.

The event, titled ‘Child Safety Awareness’, presented various topics for children regarding their safety including stranger awareness; child abuse; how children can say a firm ‘NO’; taking support from the family and tips on how to remain safe. The topics were creatively presented through exercises, interactive sessions, workshops, games, video presentations, and culminated with a short meditation led by the RYC’s Director Sister Jyoti.

Col. Mohamed Salem Almheiri, Head of Crime Awareness Section, at Dubai Police, was the guest of honor, who interacted with the children and awarded special prizes of free passes from Kidzania for those who answered the quizzes correctly during the program. He also gave the children a special coloring book portraying various situations where children can apply the right attitude regarding tolerance and friendship.

Col. Mohammed Salem then spoke separately with the parents attending the program and shared valuable points on how the children can stay safe and the significance of their cooperation to maintain the safety throughout Dubai. He raised the importance of values such as love, righteousness of the mind and cooperation that exists in everyone, regardless of religion.

He further emphasized that happiness in society can be achieved if we are all residing in a safe city. “We need people to cooperate with us to achieve the safety of the city,” he stated.
The Dubai Police reaches out to all members of the community through various security awareness campaigns and urges residents to cooperate in its initiatives to maintain safety across the city.

The program ended with the children posing for the photo sessions and receiving their sweet treats. The Enlightened Kids program, held every 4th Friday of the month at the Raja Yoga Center, will resume its activities from September 2017.

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