Taking care of the caregivers

The Meditation Space DMCC has opened an oasis for the caregivers, the corporate and the community at large – to learn meditation, to be inspired and create a fine work-life balance. With a vision to serve, we are now closely working with Saudi German Hospital, Dubai to deliver the course in meditation for their diverse nursing staff. It’s time to ‘take care of the caregivers’, to empower, energize and equip them to manage stress and workload with ease.

A group of exceptional heads of nurses at the Saudi German Hospital have been actively participating in the ‘meditation course for holistic healthcare’. The interactive workshop engages them through individual reflection, group activities and experiential meditation. The session concluded with participants creating positive thoughts to start their day with gratitude; begin work with prayer; take rounds as a compassionate healer and end their day with mercy and hope.

You know you are in safe hands, when you enter the hospital and read the quote from the holy Quran:
“And if any one saved a life, as if he saved the life of all mankind” Al Maedaa 32