It is all in your mind

(Based on talk by Ken O Donnell on Pathways to Higher Consciousness)

Persona – deeply scarred with deranged emotions;

Expectations overfull – no space for self or Silence.

Thoughts rushing, dense words and raw actions.

Shed your useless mask and pause for guidance –

Self-realization is the first rung on the ladder of Happiness.

You will find a level of higher consciousness;

Because, it is all in your mind.

Persona – free yourself from your controlled modes;

Monitor your senses and power addictions;

Chaos and fear, rooted in thought provoking words.

Letting habits rule your lifestyle with sightless vision.

Disperse the blackness of anger and hatred, to eternal white;

You create the Universe with a constant change of light.

Because, it is all in the mind.

Make space- remain silent, in that invisible domain.

Catch the eternal energy; connect to powerful vibrations.

From darkness to light, gravitate towards consciousness.

Free the pathway from emotional illusions;

And transcend towards a motionless point of light.

Persona, your mask is shredded; you are now victorious –

As it is all in the mind.