Eyes are the Windows to the Soul…, but Hands Define your Soul

Inspired by session

Talking about hands may seem quite random and basic. Hands do have a story to tell. They are a remarkable reminder of our humble birth, our life, and our duty to humanity. These are the Divine hands of Giving Unto Others.


You might be a simple being; but for the person in need – you are the only Angel Of Giving. The ‘giver’s’ power lies, not just in wealth, knowledge, time, food, shelter and many more gifts can be shared. And if the hand is empty of the Physical and Intellectual quality, the ‘giver’s’ Spiritual self, will pass on all the positive vibes.


Hands that Act – to forward all they receive
Ever heard an echo, that bounces off the cliff;
Yet falls shattered soundless, for none to receive?
When blessed with plenty, and remains stagnant in your hands;
Joys are limited and explodes in time.
The hands of Gratitude is committed to remember –
Empty handed they came and so, shall return.
The right Hand is merciful and acts silently;
They give wings to their gifts, yet done discreetly.
The left hand is oblivious to the charity.
No applause, No flashes, no prints, no word of mouth.
Only seen by eyes Above – they continue to receive in plenty.
Hands that forever pass on their gifts.
These hands give more than they can get, others benefit is like their own.
Their only purpose is to be a Blessing,
Their right Hand raised high, to receive;
Beseeching for peace, happiness and love.
They are bestowed with this gift in abundance.
And as they receive, so; they deliver forth,
To be absorbed by all humanity.
The lotus hand of praying Not confronting but just comprehending.
These are hands that accept, without questioning.
The Only thing they perceive, is His Hand in everything.
Silently thanking, for all that is granted;
With an open mind and simple heart;
They have Hope, Faith and Belief;
Three Powerful spokes of – the Cycle of Life.

This piece is inspired by a session on Women Empowerment on The Year of Giving held on May 12, 2017